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Setup Questions

Subject: Live rig setups/changing patches
Subject: Powered PA Speakers VS. Power Amp and Cabinet
Subject: GNX2 x Marshall VS100
Subject: What's the best way to connect during performance?
Subject: Tips for setup?
Subject: GNX2 w/Marshall VS 100, connection questions
Subject: Setups: Tech21 v. Behringer
Subject: Tech Power Engines!!
Subject: Setups: Powered Speakers
Subject: anyone worked with stereo setup?
Subject: Thought Starter: Your Live Setup?
Subject: Sustain (and other such things)
Subject: GNX2 w/Marshall?
Subject: MARSHALL??

GNX in comparison

Subject: Anyone compare GT-6 with Digitech GNX-2 ?????
Subject: POD XT?
Subject: Returning Line6 PODxt for GNX2
Subject: GNX 1 or GNX 2?
Subject: GNX2/POD2.0/GT5/6 Compared Spectrally... - My results

Bugs, firmware and problems

Subject: please please help me
Subject: bugs in firmware (please read this, digitech)
Subject: firmware 1.1, should i even bother???
Subject: Hissing on Acoustic setting
Subject: ATTENTION DIGITECH: GNX2 V1.2 Wishlist
Subject: GNX2 - BUG !!!!
Subject: Bugs in gnx2
Subject: Problem with SPDIF
Subject: Firmware Update!!!!!!!!!!!!
Subject: hot spot on case
Subject: CIT
Subject: V-switch problem
Subject: noise gate fix (ATTENTION DIGITECH)
Subject: power up problem with GNX2
Subject: can't update firmware
Subject: GNX2 Resetting itself whilst playing live

Subject: Factory reset

Buying GNX

Subject: Should I avoid buying a GNX-2 due to the noise-gate problem?
Subject: GNX2 - is it really worth it?


Subject: Direct Box/ Adapters, will it do the same?
Subject: how many presets are one tap away?
Subject: Patches /Presets!
Subject: Why use the Banks?
Subject: Midi Foot controller
Subject: SB Audigy2 & GNX2

Community and other helpful things

Subject: Digitech: Power-on reset sequence---please!
Subject: AIM - AOL Instant Messenger
Subject: NEW version 1.1 Preset Viewer for Windows
Subject: New Gen X Cd vol 2 website !!!

Jokes and polls

Subject: 50 Things to do in a elevator
Subject: Joke
Subject: What's your age?

Subject: Best Bass guitar player you ever saw or played with.
Subject: Singer Jokes
Subject: Favorite Bass Guitar Players poll
Subject: Drummer Joke

Midi and Recording related

Subject: live,recording!!!
Subject: OK I need help with PC recording
Subject: Direct Recording Tips/ Solution
Subject: computer recording monitors?
Subject: need help with midi
Subject: Why Midi?
Subject: Connect Midi between GNX2 & Creative Live.
Subject: MIDI Pedal
Subject: Midi Foot controller
Subject: Multitrack PC Recording
Subject: GNX2 MIDI to SoundBlaster Live Platinum
Subject: can't update firmware
Subject: CakeWalk or Acid 4.0??
Subject: Connecting the GNX2 to a PC
Subject: Recording???
Subject: MIDI
Subject: Digital Recorder Assistance